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  Boronia Road Uniting Church
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05 Nov 2009

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  Boronia Road Uniting Church risks living the way of Jesus, Participates in God's action in the world, enables people to discover new life through the Spirit and to live by that discovery.


Pastoral care of the members and acceptance and tolerance of all ages lies at the heart of the life of our Congregation. Ours is a welcoming community based on the need to share our faith and support each other in our faith journey; it provides loving practical support particularly in time of need. There is a strong sense of belonging. We value our lay leadership and we give our support to it and to our minister. The Congregation is committed to a continuance of fellowship and encouragement, supporting and nurturing each other in our faith, love and discipleship.


Prayer, worship and reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit are the focus of our life together. We value and utilise the many gifts, skills and sense of humour our members bring to this community to prepare worship, provide pastoral care and nurture each other in faith. We also rely on the guidance and encouragement of our minister. We treasure our outreach activities – Music Together, open office (bread and food ministries), op-shop and community use of our buildings. Members of the Congregation work together to provide these programs. We have fellowship groups, a prayer chain, a fine music heritage and an excellent banner collection. We have well-maintained and equipped church buildings, grounds, memorial garden and manse. We look to a future that is characterised by contemporary and accepting styles that embrace many traditions. We wish to build on our spiritual growth, youth ministry and young families. We look to our minister to be a listener and leader who relates to all ages.


Features of our Congregational life include a strong commitment to social justice and care of the wider community. Our ecumenical contacts include joint services with other churches and faith sharing activities. We want to be more vigilant in our contact with people who have special needs and who are often missed by other organizations. Pastoral ministry to retirement villages is an integral part of our outreach. We look to our minister to equip and encourage us, to participate with us in our ministries and to identify further outreach needs for our attention.